Boxing Fans Cannot Believe ‘Embarrassing’ Deontay Wilder Now Trains In Open Water

Deontay Wilder has shared a clip of himself training in open water ahead of next month’s highly-anticipated trilogy bout against Tyson Fury.

His latest training footage has left fans confused, however, as he seems to be shadow boxing and flexing in water.

Accompanied with music, the 35-year-old shows his skills before walking to the camera with a grin on his face.

Many believed Fury would walk away from a third fight with Wilder due to a number of postponements caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Wilder now has a month to get ready and training in water is said to help with endurance.

That being said, it normally happens in pools rather than open bodies.

Speaking to YouTube channel 78SPORTSTV earlier this year, Wilder said: “You got Floyd and you got Ali and those two great men in the sport that have done their thing.

“I can see the comparison to both.

Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA

“When it comes to Floyd, they always said he was boring and his style, which he showed great boxing skills, he showed great IQ in the ring, offense and defence, it still wasn’t enough for people.

“And then when a king like me comes along, and show you just the opposite, show you so much power, so much athleticism […] it still ain’t enough.”

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