Dillian Whyte Calls John Fury An ‘Idiot’ After Face Off With Tyson Fury

John Fury nearly caused things to explode into life at the end of Tyson Fury’s pre fight press conference with Dillian Whyte, as they came face-to-face.

The build up to Fury’s world heavyweight title defence against Whyte has been pretty quiet in the main, with the challenger not even turning up to the press event at Wembley in March.

That wasn’t the only issue though, as the two men went face-to-face for the first time in the build up, and things very nearly kicked off between the two fighters teams.

It was all down to John Fury, as Tyson’s dad seemed to make a move towards the person stood behind Whyte, with the challenger and champion then having to calm things down, as you can see in the video below.

Whyte lay the blame at Fury senior’s door, saying that the 57-year-old former boxer was ‘an idiot’ and asked why he was getting involved in ‘his and Tyson’s day.’

“Tyson Fury’s dad needs to relax,” Whyte said to BT Sport, “My man is 600 years old and he’s stepping forward and trying not to let my guys onto the stage,

“I’m trying to say to him ‘John, calm down you’re an adult you keep shouting and screaming acting like a child, this is me and Tyson’s day relax, like why are you getting yourself involved with me and your son’s day.”

“He’s trying to get in front of his son. If you’re old man, take it easy.”

Asked to reiterate if it was just because of John Fury, Whyte added, “Trying to start something, John fury, and he’s stupid because it’s a big fight. 

“He wants to rob the fans 90,000 fans out of a fight. John Fury’s an idiot, you know, a real idiot.”

First up though, his first chance to watch his son defend the WBC world title at Wembley, against a man who thinks he’s an idiot.

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