Footage from inside ring captured Tyson Fury’s comment to Jake Paul straight after fight with brother Tommy

Footage from inside the ring captured Tyson Fury’s exchange with Jake Paul after his fight with brother Tommy.

And straight after the bout, before the results were even in, WBC world heavyweight champion Fury went over to Paul and praised his performance in his first fight against an actual boxer.

“Well done, Jake,” Fury can be heard saying in the footage from Top Rank Boxing.

“Good fight brother. Very, very impressed. Well done, well done!”

Separately, the ‘Gypsy King’, who lost big money on a bet he placed, has also said he would very much be interested in seeing 6-1 Paul and his younger sibling go at it again in a rematch.

The pair of fighters shook hands on a wager before and Fury Sr took to social media to tell him to pay up.

“Jake Paul, moment of truth, again I say it,” he said in a video on social media.

“You lost the fight, we had a deal in front of millions of people worldwide, I expect you to honour that deal.”

“Dear John – congratulations on the win. I’ve grown to highly respect you off camera,” Nakisa Bidarian posted.

“However, this statement is shocking given what you said to me at his Highnesses [sic] house on Friday evening and the correspondence from your / Tommy’s lawyer.

“Moreover our team has you on camera refusing to agree on the deal the night of the fight.”

Referee asked Jake Paul ‘do you want to fight’ as he held on to Tommy Fury

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