Some Of The Memes Directed At Tyron Woodley After His KO Are Absolutely Savage

Tyron Woodley has suffered yet another loss at the hands of YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul and social media users have wasted no time in whipping up some hilarious memes.

Former UFC champion Woodley was brutally KO’d in the sixth round of their rematch, copping a huge overhand right to the chin which sent him crashing to the canvas in a heap.

For Paul, it’ll probably go down as the best finish of his young career.

Meanwhile, Woodley will be left licking his wounds as he came up short once again in his bid to derail the Jake Paul hype train.

Credit: Showtime
Credit: Showtime

Despite the demoralising defeat, Woodley remained humble in his post-fight press conference, although his professionalism didn’t deter people from going to town on him online.

Before Woodley could even wake up, internet sleuths had already been hard at work churning out a bunch of memes to best express what unfolded.

And, rather unsurprisingly, some of them are absolutely savage.

Here, we’ve picked out some of the most brutal – sorry, T-Wood!

The internet remains undefeated.

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