Anthony Gordon hits back at Everton fans following controversial transfer to Newcastle

Anthony Gordon has broken his silence on the criticism he received for leaving Everton for Newcastle United in January.

Gordon completed a £45m transfer to the northeast in the final days of the transfer window, leaving the club he joined as an 11-year-old boy.

Unusually for a local lad, the relationship between Everton fans and the 22-year-old attacker had almost broken down by the time of his departure.

Supporters questioned his commitment after he was linked with a move to Chelsea all of last summer, and when things turned sour at Goodison Park during the final weeks of Frank Lampard’s tenure as manager, the player was again targeted.

The youngster was shouted at and insulted, and from then on things looked beyond repair. He left the club a couple of weeks later, but until now has not spoken about the incident.

“My whole life has been at Everton. I grew up at Everton, I wasn’t going out with friends and stuff when I was young, I was always in Everton,” Gordon told Sky Sports on Friday.

“It has a massive place in my heart and my life, which I’ll never forget. From afar I’ll always be rooting for them, I’ll always be wishing them the best.”

When Gordon left Everton he released an emotional, heartfelt statement, whereas the club announced his departure without thanking him.

When asked if that hurt him, Gordon said: “Yeah it did, I’m not going to lie to you. You know, I’m a 22-year-old lad, Im not going to handle every situation in life perfectly.

“But as a club with thousands of people working for them.. I think the effort I gave them last year, I was a massive part in keeping the club up.

“I won players’ players [of the year, and manager’s player of the year, so for them to not even show me any credit or thank me, it hurt me a little bit.”

They say that time heals all wounds, but after this interview, it seems unlikely that Gordon will be welcome at Goodison Park any time soon.

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