Will Michael Thomas be healthy in 2023?

The health of Michael Thomas has been at the forefront of New Orleans Saints fan’s minds for over two seasons now. For whatever reason, Michael Thomas has failed to remain healthy over the past few years. Although frustrating, the health and safety of one of the league’s top receivers remains most important.

As we move towards the 2023 NFL season, it appears that Michael Thomas is ready to remind the world that he still has plenty of gas left in the tank with recent tweets from Can’t Guard Mike himself and also updates from head coach Dennis Allen.

In terms of showing the fans he’s ready, Michael Thomas had this to say about his imminent return:

Dennis Allen had this to say at a recent NFL owners meeting:

When healthy, Thomas is nothing short of a game changer for the New Orleans offensive gameplan. Let’s hope that things continue to look up for the former offensive player of the year.

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